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Corporate Governance Policy

Corporate Governance is the framework by which Impala Medico is accountable to its clients, candidate temporary staff, permanent staff, other stakeholders and the wider community. Within this framework, the company takes decisions, and leads and controls its functions to achieve its objectives. Organisations with good corporate governance have the capacity to maintain high quality services and to deliver continuous improvement.

There are three fundamental principles underpinning corporate governance and these will be reflected in all areas of the company’s business. These are:-

  • Openness and Inclusivity Openness is a prerequisite if all stakeholders are to have confidence in the decision-making processes of the company. This should be demonstrated through consultation and the provision of access to full, accurate and clear information. These actions require an inclusive approach, which seeks to involve all stakeholders and potential stakeholders. They need to be given the opportunity to engage effectively in the decision-making processes and the actions of the company.
  • Integrity is essential in all aspects of the corporate governance. In the management of the company and relations with stakeholders, the directors and managers of the company must demonstrate honesty, objectivity and high standards of propriety and probity. At all times, we must remain aware that our ultimate clients are patients and the people who care for them: so that care and safety must be maintained to the highest standards always, and in everything that we do.
  • Accountability is the process through which the company and its management team are responsible for their decisions and actions. This includes all aspects of performance, taking account of all relevant company, Health & Safety and NHS care standards, and submitting the company to appropriate external scrutiny.

In working to these principles, all systems and processes must be monitored for their effectiveness in practice. They must be subject to review on a continuing basis to ensure that they are up to date and fit for purpose. The company undertakes to demonstrate compliance with the principles of corporate governance in each of the five dimensions of its business:-

  • community focus.
  • service delivery arrangements.
  • structures and processes.
  • risk management and internal control.
  • standards of conduct.