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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) POLICY

Impala Medico maintains a commitment to monitor best practice and operate continuous improvement in Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) in the conduct of our business.

We believe that CSR should be part of the fabric of the business and should extend from the top down and across the whole organisation.

Our CSR is there managed at the top of the management tier.

Environmental Responsibility Policy

Impala Medico current environmental initiatives include a review of opportunities to cut down on our carbon footprints arising from our candidate staff – locum doctors, agency nurses and other temporary medical personnel – travelling to their place of work.

We continuously evaluate the methods of transport, distances travelled and journey frequencies. This factors in such issues as the availability of public transport, proximity and access to work and home, the season and time of day.

Impala Medico are also reviewing opportunities on an ongoing basis to offset the carbon footprint directly, based upon assessing the distances travelled for shifts and local factors that affect the travel profile.

Global Greenhouse Gas Reporting Protocols aim to harmonise Global Greenhouse Gas accounting and reporting standards internationally to ensure that different trading platforms and other climate related initiatives adopt consistent approaches to Global Greenhouse Gas accounting.