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How We Work

Impala Medico specialises in the recruitment and management of temporary and permanent medical staff. We supply staff to healthcare service providers, including hospitals, doctors’ premises and other institutions that provide public or private medical services.

Impala Medico is a preferred provider of medical personnel to organisations that may find themselves short-staffed because of illness or holiday absences, for example.

We can supply staff on hourly, daily or weekly basis – and for longer assignments as required. We are available for you, on short notice, at any time of the day or night throughout the year.

As a healthcare provider, you can call us at any time of the day or night to discuss your staffing needs. We can also meet with you to discuss your more detailed requirements for temporary medical staffing. This might apply if, for example, you anticipate a high level of staffing need; or require personnel with special skills or training. We can discuss assigning a member of staff to liaise with you on a continuing basis and manage your staffing programme, as you require.

When you call us to book staff for a shift, you are assured that the medical staff that we supply have been through our full compliance process, to confirm their professional credentials, including full reference checking. When we select staff for the assignment, we always seek to meet any preferences that you may have for example staff who have worked with your organisation in the past.

Impala Medico pays candidates and invoices all clients on a weekly basis.

We use the latest in internet banking and electronic invoicing systems to assist healthcare providers, with full reporting capabilities.

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